What if you and your partner could communicate your desires masterfully with one another without reaction, blame, or defensiveness?

How would you like to be fully relaxed and passionately in sync with your partner?

What would it be like to flow through the most difficult personal and professional challenges with ease?

Jamie guides her clients to create these shifts and more with a potent, results-oriented approach.  Sometimes it’s a massive overhaul, sometimes it’s minor but powerful tweaking.

Her mission is to help people take command of what they desire in their relationships, sex life, career, and life purpose in an authentic way that creates impact and possibility. This transforms your relationship into a solid, yet exciting foundation for your collective dreams, Jamie will help you tune in with one another’s highest self, reignite that sexy spark, and awaken your power couple potential.

If you like new-age fluff, extensive processing, or want to be coddled Jamie is NOT the coach for you, she will see right through and lovingly call you on your bullshit. Her work is about embodiment and action.


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