Question:  Why do you work with entrepreneur couples?

By working with people of influence I can have the largest impact. The way I see it, if I can support someone who has a huge effect in the world to communicate masterfully in their intimate relationship and take command of their desire, it creates a ripple effect that’s really exciting to me.  Sometimes entrepreneurs hide out in their work and intimate communication is exactly where the blind spot lies – I get to help them shift this.

In addition to that, I love working with people who are willing to take risks with their partner.  With a specific kind of support, I find entrepreneurs can translate their ability to take risk to the emotional or intimate realm.  The real work means moving through discomfort, it’s not all fluffy like Cosmo would have you believe. I like working with people who have a baseline understanding that a little discomfort now is worth a fulfilling and blissful relationship.

Question:  How did you get into working with couples in relationships?

After completing a coaching certification in 2009, and since then I’ve been honing my craft in the field.  I jumped right in coaching people in dating.  I had a natural gift for seeing the root of the issue and more importantly for delivering fast and consistent results in dissolving it.  Naturally, my clients ended up in relationships which brought on new problems… I became fascinated with how to keep the aliveness and spark of the beginning around through the day in and day out.  I focused on this, developing methods centered around communication and desire, and my practice evolved into Couples Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

Question:  What is the main issue couples come to you for?

I’m going to share two main challenges that dovetail into one.  They are a couple whose in a fight/withdraw cycle aka out of sync, or they are not having the kind of intimacy and sex they would like to be having.  Many times both.  They go hand in hand.  Both of these issues and most others stem from a misfire in communication.  Communication is listening and responding.  I teach couples simple but effective methods to help both parties listen and respond with openness and compassion.  When the communication is flowing in this specific way, we can tackle the most sensitive intimate issue, daring sexual desire, or the nastiest ‘vicious circle’ fight.

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Training over the last decade includes:

Over the last eight years Jamie went through intensive training, internship, and then went on to facilitate programs for Dr. Karl Wolfe.  There she took a deep psychological dive into human behavior, honed a razor sharp intuition and learned powerful methods for creating embodied transformation with clients in a high level, hold nothing back group environment.  One of the ways Jamie uses this training is teaching her clients how to fully embodying their truth so they are sending consistent messages about what they desire to their partner.

Jamie has spent the last decade directly working with clients in relationships and sexuality – she has found the last decade of field work to be something that cannot be traded for a conceptual experience one reads in a book.  Even so, romantic relationships are her favorite area of study.  She is consistently deepening her own education as a Relationship Coach as a means to grow and clear anything that might be in the way of seeing the root of her client’s challenge.  She’s enjoyed deepening her understanding of desire with Ester Perel’s teachings including her ‘Rekindling Desire for Couples’ training, as well as Dr. Sue Johnson’s ‘EFT: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy’ continuing education course.

In the early days she grew her coaching wings with life coaching certifications, and 2 years coaching a potent leadership program based in NLP at Landmark Education.